RSVP's are one of the most important planning tools for an event. These little cards give you all of the information you need to know about your guests prior to the wedding. They allow you to plan more accurately with numbers which in return allows you the coordinate more accurately with your vendors. Since we at Bridal Bliss love a good RSVP card, here are some tips to think about when drafting up your invitations. 

  • Make sure to list your RSVP date one month before your wedding date. If your wedding is on August 5th, your RSVP date should be on July 5th. 
  • Create a line where guests can enter their names. Traditionally the "M" stands for "Mr." or "Mrs." We typically recommend changing this to read "Name(s)" as it is more clear to your guests. 
  • Make sure to have a line or box for guests to check whether they are attending or declining.
  • If you are including families and children it might be nice to have a line below the attending box that reads "Number attending" where your guests can write out the exact number of people attending.
  • If you need to collect entree choices for guests, we recommend writing, "Please initial an entree selection for each guest" and then listing out the various entrees. We have found this to be the most accurate way to track meals.
  • Make sure the RSVP is easy to read and has plenty of space for guests to write on.
  • Discreetly number your RSVP's (we typically use a light pencil to the back of the card) to coincide with your guest list spreadsheet.  If an RSVP arrives illegibly or with no name at all (you would be surprised how often this happens!) you will still be able track it.

If you are a guest of a wedding and reading this, here are some tips for filling out the RSVP card. 

  • Make sure to write legibly so anyone would be able to read the card.
  • Write out full names, including your last name.
  • Make sure to read over the entire card and fill out all areas that are asked of you.
  • Lastly, make sure to RSVP before the due date!

For more tips and RSVP etiquette, check out the below graphic from Eventbrite. Visit their !event management and planning page to learn about their tools for ticketed events and how they can help streamline the process!