Meghan + Jake


Planning Meghan and Jake’s wedding was a rare opportunity to step into a dreamland of possibilities. They described their vision for an ancient, sylvan, Celtic and Nordic inspired celebration that captured my imagination instantly. It was clear that their multi-day wedding festival would be singular. They would lavish their guests with an extraordinary taste of the richest experiences of the Pacific Northwest, offering a chance to retreat from the demands of modern life and engage in an idyllic, almost mythical celebration, focused around feasting, music, and storytelling.

With a passion for children’s literature and all the magic it holds, Meghan and Jake incorporated references to their favorite stories throughout the wedding, and of course J.R.R. Tolkien'sThe Hobbit” and “The Lord of The Rings” were not exceptions. The sign posted at the gate reading “No Admittance Except on Party Business” was a fitting edict and in the weeks leading up to the wedding we certainly had the whole place in an uproar! J.K. Rowling’s stories of Harry Potter’s adventures also held a striking place with the Deathly Hallows symbol featuring prominently.

For their ceremony and reception Meghan and Jake chose a setting in an old growth forest in early spring. Replete with ancient symbolism, the new season arrived merely days before their ceremony. Spring flowers and the naturalistic feel of an ancient mossy forest framed the decor, and we blended stout walnut tables and elegant green velvet runners with luxuriant sheepskin fur covered chairs. To create a sense of stepping into an alternate fantasy world, we inverted the lighting and the florals such that tables were scattered with chunky, medieval beeswax candles (still leaving plenty of room in anticipation of the family style feast!) while opulent florals were suspended overhead in shades ranging from pale ivory, peach, and lilac to rich amethyst.

On arrival guests were each bundled into a personalized Pendleton blanket, fastened with custom kilt pins. Hand-warmers could be tucked into the bespoke fleece pockets inside the blanket-cloaks, which along with mugs of warm cider kept guests cozy in the still chilly spring air. After mixing their own confetti potpourri, guests processed to a candle-adorned grotto accompanied by way finders and the thrilling music of a lone bagpiper droning along the misty forest paths. It set the tone for an unforgettable evening.

After vows and rings were exchanged, Meghan and Jake led the way to the reception, lighting torches along the path and starting the ceremonial bonfire together. It was the cue for the feasting to begin! A tower of pink Champagne was poured, storybook inspired cocktails were offered around, and ten (yes, ten!) mouthwatering courses of hors d’oeuvres from Portland master chef Jose Chesa enchanted guests’ palates. A multi-course dinner followed, and music and dancing carried the festivities late into the night. For those guests more inclined to recline and converse away from the music, a sign to “Longbottom Leaf” showed the way to a sumptuous tipi dedicated to the enjoyment of cannabis with Middle Earth pipes alongside more modern contrivances.

It was an altogether magical night, made even more extraordinary with the knowledge that its success was entirely due to an outstanding team of professionals spanning the spectrum of the artistic and event industries in Portland and the Pacific Northwest. It was an honour and a privilege to help bring Meghan and Jake’s wedding vision to life, and as all good stories come to an end I couldn’t be more thrilled to see them married, happily ever after!

Coordination: Kirsten | Photographer: Dylan M Howell Photography | Bartenders: Merit Badge. Co | Budtenders: Cannabis Concepts | Catering: Ava Genes | Catering: Ataula | Cake: Dream Cakes | Sugar + Chocolate Sculpture: Artisan Cake Co. | Espresso Bar: Espresso Elegance | Ice: PDX Ice | Creative Director: Hannes Wingate | Calligraphy + Map + Signage: Marly Beyer | Stationary: Crave Design | Floral: Blum Floral Design | Forest Lighting: Hollywood Lights | Furniture + Accessories: Classic Vintage Rentals | Drape: West Coast Drape | Rentals: The Party Place + West Coast Event Productions | Linens: BBJ | Set Design: FigurePlant | Landscaping: Fiddlehead Landscape Design + PGM Landscape | Bagpiper: Wiley Swagger | Ceremony + Dinner Music: Ariel Consort | Reception Music: Na Rosai | Project Management + Trail Design: Urban Patterns | Event Production: Fuller Events | Sound: Hollywood Lights | Portable Restrooms: Luxury Restroom Trailers | Transportation: Lucky Limo | Valet: Premier Valet | Live Event Artist: Marly Beyer | Cinematography: Moving Pictures | Hair: Hair by Katerina | Makeup: Olivia Hawthorne | Kilt +Jacket: Kinloch Anderson, Edinburgh, Scotland | Bridal Gown: Alon Livne | Veil: International Pleating | Veil Alterations: Anna's Bridal | Bridal Brooch: Alchemy | Blankets: Pendleton | Blanket Brooches: Orchid Way Treasures | Pipes: Sir William Pipes | Embroidered Handkerchiefs: Kotton Kandy | Sheepskin Chair Overlay: Overland | CannibusTent Hides: Oregon Leather Company