Will you be my bridesmaid?


Asking bridesmaids to be in your wedding is such a fun task and something we are always asked about. We decided to put together a simple, fun and cost effective way to ask each friend or family member for a little inspiration!

Step 1: Gather all your supplies.

Here are some fun ideas for supplies:

Mini Champagne bottle– We love all things glitter so we decided to spray paint the bottle of champagne with gold glitter paint.

Nail polish– Grab a bottle in a coordinating wedding tone.

Ring– Little rings or pieces of jewelry can be found online for pretty inexpensive. It’s a fun detail to gift your bridesmaids!

Sign– How cute is this celebration sign? Get crafty and create you own card to ask each bridesmaid. Here is a balloon filled with confetti that instructs each girl to inflate, pop and then celebrate. Ridiculously adorable.

Packaging: Grab a good size box, packaging supplies and don’t forget cute ribbon or twine!

Step 2: Package

If you are mailing your boxes make sure to package them safely. If you are hand delivering we recommend doing a little layering so there are lots of fun surprises when opened

Step 3: Card & Mail

Make sure to write a personal note to each bridesmaids and attach to the top. Then either mail or hand deliver to each girl!