Prevent Wedding Stress


A common question we get asked is if we have to deal with bride/groomzillas. Thankfully the answer is no!! Most of our clients are wonderful and enjoying their engagement because we’ve taken on most of the planning stress. They get to decide how much/little they are involved with and it keeps them calm, cool and collected. Nora recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some more tips on how to prevent wedding stress—take a peek!

Plan ahead and plan well

  1. Stick to your budget—nothing will stress you out more than blowing the bank.

  2. Do not stress over the bachelor/bachelorette party---if you don’t trust him/her already you have bigger issues.

  3. Don’t have unrealistic weight expectations—crash dieting and being hangry will only put you in a bad mood. It is much easier to take a dress in than to let it out so order your current size!

  4. Get a massage and leave the week of the wedding for pampering.

  5. If something goes wrong, shrug it off and don’t let it ruin your day. You are probably the only person that notice!

  6. Confirm all of your vendors prior to the wedding day on last time.

  7. Hire a wedding planner!