All About Bridesmaids


Nora recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to discuss bridesmaids (and groomsgirls and bridesmen!) and share a few tips when it comes to your wedding party. Take a peek!

  • Your "bridesmaids" don't have to be girls! Include a brother or friend as a "bridesman"

  • Don't ask your bridesmaids too early or you may have more people than you want.

  • Your squad doesn't have to perfectly match! Play with colors and styles.

  • Who pays for the dress? That is up to you but keep costs in mind.

  • Don't overwork your people - one DIY night is plenty. Agreeing to be in a wedding party is a time commitment, so respect that!

  • Communicate! Keep them up to date on fashion decisions, events, times/places


Holiday Weekend Tips


Planning a wedding over a holiday weekend like MLK Day, President’s Day, Memorial Day or even Labor Day? Katy recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some tips about what your guests should do when they are not celebrating you!

  • Wine Country, beer or distillery tour (Grape Escape, VIP PDX, M Experience)

  • Welcome Party (Rent out a space, meet + greet at a bar, rent out a park depending on budget)

  • Kid friendly (Zoo, OMSI, Children's museum)

  • Check Travel Portland for weekend specific events

  • Private fitness class (BurnCycle, Mega Burn or WedWell)

  • Welcome bag (can match wedding aesthetic, tie in local goods, share info)


Wedding Signage


Wedding signage can be beautiful AND functional! There are so many aspects of the wedding where personalized signage can be incorporated not only to guide guests but also pull in your aesthetic. Nora recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some ideas—take a peek!


  • Gives seating direction to avoid confusion

  • Don't want phones out? Say it in a nice and pretty way!

Bar + Food

  • Be clear on what is hosted/what is not

  • Share ingredients to avoid lines at the bar


  • Displays can also be a focal point!

  • Escort walls can double duty as photo booth or cake backgrounds later

Table Numbers

  • Tie into your aesthetic and personalities

  • Make sure they are visible from all angels


  • So many fun ways to tie in your aesthetic/theme!

  • Hashtag signs

  • Ice

  • Do not disturb

  • The options are endless!


Pets and Weddings


Here at Bridal Bliss, we’ve seen it all when it comes to weddings! A trend that has been gaining traction the last few years is incorporating pets into weddings. Dog, cat, horse and even llama, you name it we’ve done it! Yes, there is certainly a lot that could go wrong, but definitely worth the risk to include your nearest and dearest. Take a peek at Nora’s segment on KPTV’s MORE Good Day Oregon for a few tips on incorporating your pet in your wedding day.


Get approval from the venue

Consider your pet's personality

Have a plan for what happens after the ceremony

Notify your photographer


Don't go too crazy with an outfit or signage. Make sure it fits properly and isn't restricting.

Don't choose flowers that are toxic!

Other Ideas

Bring in the wedding Llamas 

Partner with Oregon Humane Society on a puppy petting station or puppy kissing booth

Snap photos of your pet to be used as table numbers

Have cookies made in the likeness of your pet to be given as favors

Hire an artist to create a graphic of your pet that can be untitled on day-of printed items

Attach a Gopro on your pet to view the wedding from his/her perspective

Consider a donation to the Humane Society or another animal non-profit as favors


2019 Wedding Trends


From bringing the outside in, incorporating a pop of color and creating a personalized guest experience, take a peek at Nora’s recent KPTV segment to learn more about 2019’s hottest trends!


You're what??


Newly engaged and don’t know where to start? From setting a budget, holding off on asking a wedding party, and hiring a planner, Nora has lots of good advice! Check out her recent segment on KPTV below.


Place Cards vs. Escort Cards


Nora recently went in to discuss the difference between place cards and escort cards on Good Day Oregon. Check out her segment to get the scoop, and also learn more about one of her favorite trends…escort displays!

Long story short, escort cards direct guests to a certain table. Place cards note the specific place at a table the guest should be seated!

That being said…watch the segment for lots of fun and creative ways to incorporate one or both in your wedding!


Wedding Gown Trends 2019


Curious what’s hot for weddings in 2019? We know one thing is for sure…wedding gowns keep getting prettier and prettier! It was no surprise that Meghan Markle’s dress was the talk of the town at Bridal Fashion Week, but the emerging trends take it to a whole new level! Take a peek at Nora’s segment on Good Day Oregon to learn more!