Wedding Venture Feature


Recently our founder, Nora Sheils, was interviewed by Wedding Venture about tips for planning a wedding. Here were a few of our favorite questions!

Are there things that differentiate wedding planners?

We think so! One of the unique elements of our company is that we are made of a larger team. After an initial consult with a couple, we look to match their personalities and needs to a specific coordinator. We find this to be an important element of the steps to planning a wedding, as we want each couple to feel at ease throughout the months leading up to their big day.

While they are working with one lead planner, in the background we all work together to brainstorm, troubleshoot and ensure steps to planning a wedding go off without a hitch.

What is the most unusual wedding you planned?

Last year brought us more whimsy than ever before. We also had a few couples that really wanted to go all out with a specific theme – which, from a planner's perspective of steps to planning a wedding, is always exciting!

Last year, we had two weddings that were based around literary giants. One of which, lovingly referred to as "The Hobbit Wedding" was the largest production we have pulled off. We had so much fun walking through all wedding planning tips from the gold snitch escort cards to mossy forest decor, the candle ceremony backdrop, and tables that dripped with florals and fur. We can't wait for more themes and trusting couples who allow us to bring their vision to life.

What does your day at the wedding itself look like typically?

As far as the actual day, we like to start with checking in with our bride, sometimes this means in person, others a simple text to tell them how excited we are before heading to the venue. Our time at the venue includes different tasks, everything from lining up escort cards, helping a DJ with placement, to meeting with the catering lead; we are really there to make sure every step to planning a wedding is executed in the way we discussed with the bride and groom.

As guests start arriving, we are there to make sure they are enjoying their time as well, as their experience is also important to us. We are there to send the bridal party down the aisle (we love this part!), to help the photographer with groupings, flip a ceremony space into a beautiful dining room, escort guests to their seats, cue a nervous best man, make sure you have a fork to taste your cake with and of course kick off the dance party (with a bad/DJ cue)!

Our job is ultimately to be there for whatever is needed and ensure the steps to planning a wedding flow seamlessly. If there is an issue, we will deal with it discreetly and the couple will never know. We want couples and their families to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy the best day of your lives!

If you could ask one thing of the grooms and brides that would make your job at their wedding easier/smoother, what would it be?

Hmmmm...that's a tough one! At the actual wedding? Nothing! Just to have fun and relax knowing that we've got this! We really do want each bride and groom to be able to enjoy their special day without thinking about a thing!

It is really about the steps to planning a wedding (and thinking!). As long as we are looped in on all of the details, we are good to go. Making sure you answer our final questions - things like who is taking the presents home - is always helpful, as we don't want to have to bug you with these questions as you are out there on the dance floor.

Lastly, trust your vendors. You hired these people for a reason, so have confidence that they have your best interests and will go to bat for you. There is no need to micromanage or stress about all steps to planning a wedding; your planner and vendors have it all covered. Knowing your planner is working hard for you, enjoy being engaged. Take some time off to just enjoy this special time in your lives and always remember that this is about the commitment you are making to your fiancé.

Thank you Wedding Venture for the fab write up!