John's Baby Shower | Portland Wedding Baby Shower Planner

Not to be outdone by his wife Mary (CLICK HERE) to read about the fab shower she hosted!), Ryan wanted to throw a rowdy baby shower bash to celebrate his good friend’s impending fatherhood.  He wanted to celebrate John, and he wanted to go big. NORA came up with the idea of a progressive party and knew that DOUBLE DECKER PDX would be the perfect form of transportation.

The guys met up and were greeted with Sofia champagne and snacks as they loaded the bus. The first stop was CIRCA 33 private speakeasy for appetizers, cocktails, and a little surprise.

Ryan wanted a fun game to get everyone a bit rowdy.  We decided to have a drink off, but with a twist.  Each guy received a bonnet to wear and a baby bottle filled with a while Russian drink.  Team Pink drank first, and the winner went up against the winner of Team Blue.  It was ridiculously hilarious! The best part?  The guys kept their bonnets on all night!


Next stop: Ned Ludd’s ELDER HALL for a amazing coursed dinner!  Ryan worked with the chef to design a mouth watering menu with squash fritters, tempura cauliflower, beef rib steak and a rich bourbon chocolate brownie.

We initially planned on the final stop being MULTNOMAH WHISKEY LIBRARY but the guys decided to go a little more low brow and celebrated into the wee hours at ALIBI!  What better way then end the night with Blue Star Donuts for the ride home?