Prevent Wedding Stress


A common question we get asked is if we have to deal with bride/groomzillas. Thankfully the answer is no!! Most of our clients are wonderful and enjoying their engagement because we’ve taken on most of the planning stress. They get to decide how much/little they are involved with and it keeps them calm, cool and collected. Nora recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some more tips on how to prevent wedding stress—take a peek!

Plan ahead and plan well

  1. Stick to your budget—nothing will stress you out more than blowing the bank.

  2. Do not stress over the bachelor/bachelorette party---if you don’t trust him/her already you have bigger issues.

  3. Don’t have unrealistic weight expectations—crash dieting and being hangry will only put you in a bad mood. It is much easier to take a dress in than to let it out so order your current size!

  4. Get a massage and leave the week of the wedding for pampering.

  5. If something goes wrong, shrug it off and don’t let it ruin your day. You are probably the only person that notice!

  6. Confirm all of your vendors prior to the wedding day on last time.

  7. Hire a wedding planner!


Kids + Weddings


A question each couple asks themselves as they try to build their wedding guest list is, 'should we include kids? While there is no right or wrong answer, take a peek below at Nora’s live segment on KPTV sharing some tips when navigating this sticky subject!

Make it clear who is invited on invitation

Create a nearby kids area

·      sitters

·      entertainment

·      performers

·      crafts

·      movie

Offer a kid-friendly meal or mini-buffet

Seat tweens/families together. Offer mocktails!


Private Residence Wedding Tips


There is nothing more personal than a wedding at home! There is also nothing more complicated when it comes to logistics. Katy recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some tips when planning a private residence event.

A few things to consider…

What is parking like? Hire attendants, valet or shuttle from another pickup location (nearby church/lot/etc )

Alert the neighbors!

Oregon has a 10pm noise ordinance

Get liability insurance

Consider renting generators

To avoid guests going through a home, rent bathroom trailers

Always have a rain or heat plan in place!


Wedding Signage


Wedding signage can be beautiful AND functional! There are so many aspects of the wedding where personalized signage can be incorporated not only to guide guests but also pull in your aesthetic. Nora recently went on MORE Good Day Oregon to share some ideas—take a peek!


  • Gives seating direction to avoid confusion

  • Don't want phones out? Say it in a nice and pretty way!

Bar + Food

  • Be clear on what is hosted/what is not

  • Share ingredients to avoid lines at the bar


  • Displays can also be a focal point!

  • Escort walls can double duty as photo booth or cake backgrounds later

Table Numbers

  • Tie into your aesthetic and personalities

  • Make sure they are visible from all angels


  • So many fun ways to tie in your aesthetic/theme!

  • Hashtag signs

  • Ice

  • Do not disturb

  • The options are endless!


Pets and Weddings


Here at Bridal Bliss, we’ve seen it all when it comes to weddings! A trend that has been gaining traction the last few years is incorporating pets into weddings. Dog, cat, horse and even llama, you name it we’ve done it! Yes, there is certainly a lot that could go wrong, but definitely worth the risk to include your nearest and dearest. Take a peek at Nora’s segment on KPTV’s MORE Good Day Oregon for a few tips on incorporating your pet in your wedding day.


Get approval from the venue

Consider your pet's personality

Have a plan for what happens after the ceremony

Notify your photographer


Don't go too crazy with an outfit or signage. Make sure it fits properly and isn't restricting.

Don't choose flowers that are toxic!

Other Ideas

Bring in the wedding Llamas 

Partner with Oregon Humane Society on a puppy petting station or puppy kissing booth

Snap photos of your pet to be used as table numbers

Have cookies made in the likeness of your pet to be given as favors

Hire an artist to create a graphic of your pet that can be untitled on day-of printed items

Attach a Gopro on your pet to view the wedding from his/her perspective

Consider a donation to the Humane Society or another animal non-profit as favors


Guest Etiquette


Wedding season is upon us! Whether you’ve received one or ten save-the-dates, you may be wondering what you’re supposed to do. Check out Nora’s segment on KPTV’s MORE Good Day Oregon giving some tips on guest etiquette!

A few tips…

  • RSVP!! This is a big one…make sure to send that RSVP in on time!

  • Pay attention to the invitation envelope—it tells you exactly who is (or isn’t) invited.

  • Send a gift in advance, don’t bring to the wedding.

  • Arrive early to the ceremony. 10-15 minutes is perfect and will help the ceremony to begin on time.

  • Dont. Wear. White. EVER!

  • At the reception, don’t change your seating assignment. So much effort has gone into the perfect seating combinations and it really is a drag to shift settings. Tough it out…it’s just for dinner!


History of Wedding Traditions


Have you ever wondered why weddings include bridesmaids or groomsmen, why flowers are carried, or where other traditions stemmed from? Nora went on MORE Good Day Oregon to discuss these and how many other customs came to be! One hint…many of them involve evil spirits (seriously!)!


Wedding Invitation Mistakes


Tis the season for finalizing wedding invitation orders! We typically suggest our couples send out invitations 8-10 weeks prior to the wedding, with RSVP’s due one month before the big day. Nora visited KPTV’s MORE Good Day Oregon to share more tips and common mistakes when it comes to wedding invitations. Take a peek!