Bridal Bliss is amazing. They helped me put on a great wedding. I enlisted them to be a day-of coordinator for the big day and I am so glad I did. My planner was very communicative, spent a lot of time and energy creating a day-of timeline and getting it just right. She was on top of everything and really listened to all that I had to say. I did not have to worry about a thing on my wedding day. She took care of it all from start to finish! She even commuted two hours for the event and I was very impressed by her determination to make my wedding the best it could be. She even went the extra mile at the end of the long day and helped me load items into my car to take home. I got so much for such a great price. I would have paid double for their services! I recommend Bridal Bliss to anyone who is looking for a company to assist in their wedding planning. Excellent service and very professional.
— Emily
Thank you so much for making Greg & Stacey’s wedding so special, and especially, stress free. Everyone loved everything about the evening. I kept hearing “one of the best weddings ever.” What a great compliment to you.
— Diane, Dick, and Stacey Alexander
Words cannot express my love and appreciation for Katy of Bridal Bliss! We hired her for day-of and she absolutely went above and beyond for us! Katy worked tirelessly to make sure our day went smoothly and was the perfect go-between with our other vendors. Katy and Bridal Bliss have built amazing relationships and was able to refer me to many wonderful vendors for my wedding. Katy is a rockstar and i could not have asked for a better coordinator to make our day more perfect. She was able to help bring all of my ideas together and help execute the day exactly as i had planned. She is professional, amazingly talented and one of the best people i know. I can’t recommend her and Bridal Bliss enough!
— Anna
Bridal Bliss did an outstanding job. They came along side my wife and helped her navigate a very stressful time. My wife wanted someone to answer everything from general questions to provide us with vendor advice. Not only did we never feel like we asked a “dumb” question, Meghan (our planner) made us feel like we were the only thing that mattered. I’m in the wedding business and have always seen the value of a planner. BUT, after living through the experience, I would hire Bridal Bliss before I pick a venue or hire one vendor. Can’t recommend them enough!
— A Happy Husband, Daniel
Hey Lady,
We wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for all your help over the past 10 months. Our wedding went off without a hitch; it was everything I had hoped it would be and more. You are truly amazing and great at your job. We were so impressed that you never once did you seem stressed out. Looking back on it now we wouldn’t have changed anything. Thank you for making our wedding day a memorable one.
— Sarah + Brent Bracelin
Words cannot explain how grateful Shane and I were to have you overseeing our wedding day. We both had a certain calm about us knowing you were there. Everything fell into place just so and we know you had a lot to do with that. A million thank you’s for making our special day so perfect. We both cherish our special day forever! You have a lifetime referral from us.
— Heather + Shane
What a ride! What a process and to think I didn’t want a wedding planner at the beginning, boy was I wrong. You did a fantastic job. You kept the train on the tracks and you are VERY good at what you do. I cannot thank you enough!
— Marc James
You are AMAZING! From the moment we met, where we laughed for an hour straight, to the wedding, you have impressed us with your organization and sense of humor. I think one of the best things I got out of the whole experience (besides a great husband and some fun gifts) is you as a friend. Thanks for making our wedding perfect—everyone said how perfectly everything flowed and how beautiful the day was. Because of you, Craig and I didn’t have to worry about the details and we just had fun. Thanks for taking care of everything so we didn’t have to do anything other than show up!
— Skye + Craig
We just wanted to let you know how special you made us feel through this whole process! You have been so fun to work with these past four months. From being there to help choose bridesmaids dresses, while having laughs while deciding on songs, you have become like an involved friend to us through this entire time—so thank you.

Thank you for always supporting our decisions and for offering creative suggestions. Thank you for making our wedding day gorgeous, a dream wedding. We will continue to refer you to others.
— Amanda + Caleb
I cannot thank Elizabeth from Bridal Bliss enough for planning our wedding!! She was absolutely 100% AMAZING and I would recommend her and her company to anyone getting married! Everything went without a hitch on the wedding day and I would not have had my dream come true without Elizabeth. I worked with Elizabeth for the full wedding planning time (the Full Service Package), and I am so thankful that I chose this package. It was so fun being able to plan a wedding with someone who knew all the answers. I feel like I talked to Elizabeth more than almost anyone leading up to the wedding and she was there with me every step of the way. I think this is how a wedding planner should be- no matter what, I knew that Elizabeth would be there to help me through any questions, concerns, etc. Elizabeth emailed me detailed timelines, checklists, budgets, ideas and the list goes on. She didn’t miss a beat when it came to organization and making sure contracts, vendors, and schedules were on track for success. Elizabeth ensured that we were always getting the best deal and literally had a connection with everyone you could think of in the Portland area. If I had an idea or person/place I wanted to work with, Elizabeth would take control and put me in touch with them. She made everything SO EASY. On the day of the wedding, I felt so special and I didn’t have to do ANYTHING. Elizabeth and her team took care of it all. It was so amazing. When I looked at pictures after my wedding at all the little details, I even further realized how much work, effort and time that Elizabeth and her team put into making my vision come true. I think the best part about my experience was that I truly made a friend in Elizabeth. I felt like she was there for me throughout the entire process whether it was for support, encouragement, advice, someone to listen to, someone to be excited with me or even someone to cry to. Elizabeth is truly the best and I would highly recommend her to plan your wedding!!!
— Molly
We worked with Elizabeth from Bridal Bliss for our July wedding at Brasada ranch. We originally stumbled upon the business after purchasing my dress from Anna’s Bridal Boutique which is located in the same building. As a former Bend resident, I was interested in having our wedding at Brasada Ranch, but when I called I had a hard time getting a response. A few days later I met with Elizabeth and she had already contacted Brasada and knew which dates were available. We chose a date and she immediately started negotiating on our behalf. We not only got our ideal venue, but she saved us a great deal of money. Between our initial meeting and the big day we emailed a lot and talked on the phone often. I never felt pressured or rushed because Elizabeth would give me a timeline of things I needed to do with monthly reminders. This kept us on track and stress free. So many curveballs were thrown our way, but one of the biggest was when our florist backed out 3 months before the wedding. Elizabeth informed me of this and had 3 other florists’ names and links to their websites and images of their work. I loved this because I had no reason to panic. She included the problem and the solution in the same email. This is how she approached everything from beginning to end. She was always calm and no matter the issue, she had the answer. We also saved a lot of money on rentals because Bridal Bliss has a relationship with so many vendors and every time the vendor found out I was working with Elizabeth they were sure to tell me how much they enjoyed her and how lucky we were. She helped me pick out what color to choose for bridesmaid dresses, she gave me her honest opinion, she helped me pull myself together when I lost it before walking down the aisle and she was on top of everything during the wedding day. I was oblivious to any drama and just enjoyed marrying my husband. We are forever grateful for Elizabeth and all she did for us and our wedding.
— Ashley
WOW!!! I got married on Saturday and Nora from Bridal Bliss was my coordinator....I seriously want to be her best friend and plan parties with her every weekend. She did an amazing job. From start to finish, she took care of EVERYTHING! She took my ideas and brought them to life even better than I imagined. I was stress-free the entire planning process and she was so fun and sweet every time we had a meeting. Sometimes I would write her 5 emails in an hour and she would respond so fast I couldn’t believe it...(and she would reassure me that I wasn’t crazy for sending her that many emails....)
She was organized, professional, fun, creative, and an overall AWESOME person to work with! I would recommend Bridal Bliss to all of my friends!! Thanks for everything, Nora!!
— Caroline
Having Bridal Bliss involved with our wedding had everything to do with making the day absolutely perfect. We were blessed with Meghan Wicks, she was such a pleasure to have as a planner, and just completely took all of my stress away. My mother has had chronic health problems for yeas now, and wasn’t able to help me with any planning for my wedding. It was very hard to process at first until we got in contact with Bridal Bliss, and it took all the fear away about me having to do it all myself. I highly recommend their services, it was the best decision for us, truly amazing service.
— Tesia
One of the most significant life time memories a parent can experience is the marriage of their children. Planning a wedding certainly adds to the experience but being able to plan and then enjoy the actual festivities without worry and stress completes the memory. Noral Sheils and her team from Bridal Bliss were the professional wedding planners for Chris and Libby’s wedding and they hit it out of the park with their execution of this event. Bridal Bliss excelled because they were incredibly organized, well connected, accessible and communicated at a very high professional level. From the outset I knew we needed a good wedding planner because our daughter was out of town attending medical school. However, my real appreciation of their incredible work came together in the week leading up to and the actual day of the event as all of the pieces (vendors and time line) came together. Every great orchestra needs a great conductor and every great football team needs a great quarterback; a memorable wedding needs Nora Sheils and her team from Bridal Bliss.
— Joseph + Suzie
Thank you so much for your work on our wedding day. We were able to enjoy the day without stress and we owe it all to you. Everything was special and beautiful! We really appreciated your calmness and ability to run things smoothly. Thanks again—we will refer you to all of our friends!
All the best.
— Susan + Kevin Dodson
We feel so incredibly lucky to have had Kirsten Smrtka as our wedding planner. She made everything seem easy and fun, even a complete change in our wedding plans 2 weeks before the wedding! Really, she pulled off a completely new wedding plan in 2 weeks, and was nothing but positive about it. She is so professional and knowledgeable. She manages to completely take care of business, and think of every last detail while keeping a fun and light hearted attitude. In addition to the change in plans, we are both busy people, and not always easy to get in touch with. She was so considerate and patient, and made everything easy for us. We had a beautiful wedding that felt just right for us. She completely understood what we wanted and carried it out exactly. In addition to all of her amazing skills, Kirsten was just a pleasure to work with! We are so happy with our experience. We cannot recommend Kirsten and Bridal Bliss highly enough.
— Alice
Our son was getting married out of town and Nora was planning the wedding. She graciously accepted our request for help with planning the rehearsal dinner. She handled EVERYTHING for us, booking the restaurant, planning the meal, the flowers, the DJ, the invitations for the rehearsal dinner as well as the welcome party that followed the dinner, providing cards for the guests to leave wedding advice for newlyweds, parting gifts for the guests!! She set our itinerary for the evening, cocktail hour, dinner time, when to let everyone give speeches! I felt guilty when people were thanking us for a wonderful party because all we did was show up and everything fell into place. The entire evening was the perfect start to what was the most beautiful wedding I have ever been to!!!!
— Kathy
Thank you for all your work and help with our wedding. You were amazing and made the whole day flow flawlessly! We couldn’t have pulled it off without you.
Your attention to detail, professionalism, experience, and advice was always so helpful—plus you are so fun to work with!
Thank you again and if you ever need a reference— we are happy to help.
— Kari + Darren
How can I even begin to thank you? What would I have done without you? You’ve made this year bearable and doable, and you’ve brought my dream wedding to life. I want you to know how much I appreciate everything you have done for us. You are the best wedding planner ever! I’m so glad we’ve gotten to be friends!
— Xoxo, Emily James
How can we truly thank you? You understood the difficulties we faced in planning our wedding over deployments and great distance. I appreciate your patience with us and all your hard work! I couldn’t have done it without you—seriously. John and I had talked about our perfect wedding for years…and you made it happen. It was perfect and truly beautiful in every way. The best part was looking around and seeing all of our friends and family laughing, dancing, and having the best time without a care in the world. For us, that made it all worth it. We’ve had so many people tell us how impressed they were with your effortless-looking job. We are so thankful for all you have done for us and appreciate you so much.
— Becky + John
Thank you so much for everything, you both are wonderful! The wedding turned out more beautiful than I could ever have imagined and everything went so smoothly. We didn’t have to worry about a thing, which was amazing. Thanks again!
— Angela + Warren
We honestly can’t say enough wonderful things about our Bridal Bliss wedding planner Kirsten Smrtka . We really feel so lucky to have been paired with her. Kirsten was amazing from the start. She is incredibly knowledgeable to the extent where it seems like she has been a wedding planner forever. While she always presented us with options, we feel that each of the vendors we ended up going with were perfect fits for us.

I have to say that we were probably not the easiest clients either. My husband and I can be a little indecisive and early on, we didn’t really have a clear vision for our wedding. Not to mention we were both really busy with work and were also moving to Austin, Texas during that time so we had a lot going on. Somehow, Kirsten seamlessly managed to help us plan what turned out to be the wedding of our dreams. She also undoubtedly will make you feel like you are her only client. We were actually surprised to find out that she had also planned weddings for other couples before and after our wedding weekend. We had no idea that she was so busy because she was always so on top of everything and made us feel that she had all the time in the world for us.

Every time we would start to get a little stressed about getting something done off our wedding to-do list, when we would talk with Kirsten or meet with her she had this way of putting us at ease while still managing to keep us on task and within our budget. My husband and I would often even joke about what we were going to do after the wedding when we no longer had Kirsten to make us feel better about everything. She not only made the wedding planning process so enjoyable for us but she really made our wedding day exactly what we were hoping it would be.
— Kate
Thank you not only for coordinating our wedding but for making it a dream come true! Who knows what it would have been like without you—I can only imagine how many strings you pulled and disasters you covered. Dave and I were so happy with you and cannot thank you enough for all of the hard work you put in for us!
— Alissa + Dave