Poppin' Peonies


Peonies are one of the most requested wedding flowers (definitely my favorite!) and while peonies are a very seasonal flower- here are some tips to get the fluffy and romantic peony look all year round!

Peonies are in season during the spring and possibly into early summer depending on the year’s weather. If your wedding date falls within this timeline then you are in luck. Peonies are very full, lush and beautiful during this time. The flowers are desirable but because of the short season they cannot always be utilized. If your wedding date does not fall within the peony season and you are not willing to pay the extra expense to fly some in internationally, we wanted to give you some great alternative flowers to use for your wedding.

Old Fashioned English Rose: these amazing roses have the same puff petal style and full-round shape. They are very full flowers that are available year round. These roses offer similar color styles to peonies from pastels to cranberry.

Ranunculus: The petal texture is very similar to peonies but on a smaller scale. These flowers can be used in a grouping to create the look of peonies and are also a great option for boutonnieres. The colors of ranunculus are very versatile and can be matched as well.