Wedding Myths Debunked


We’ve all heard the crazy wedding myths….you shouldn’t see each other before the ceremony, a bride must wear white or a wedding isn’t a wedding without dinner to name a few. Nora went on KPTV’s MORE Good Day Oregon to debunk some other silly myths. Check it out!

1.       Having a DIY wedding will save you money. 

Couples spend WAY too much time on DIY projects and quite frankly, the supplies alone will typically cost you more than if you ordered the project professionally done. 

2.       You must have the same number of bridesmaids & groomsmen

You can get super creative---you can even mix it up so guys and girls are on both sides! Gender doesn’t, and shouldn’t matter!

3.       A great way to save money is to create an Ipod playlist.

Remember, you still have to rent equipment.  A good DJ can read the crowd and really personalize the music so the party keeps going—he/she can also MC the event and provide microphones for toasts.  Not all dj’s are cheesy!

4.       Weddings must include dinners and wedding cakes.

You can get super creative with loungey/cocktail parties or even sophisticated brunches.  Dessert Buffets are all the rage and you get more variety!

5.       #1 Myth…A wedding planner is too expensive.

A planner saves you time and can get exclusive vendor discounts.  She will keep track of your budget and has several ideas of where to cut without impacting the integrity of the event.  Plus, you and your family get to enjoy the day instead of running around running the show.  A venue coordinator is NOT a wedding coordinator.