Vow To Give a Gift


If this is your first holiday as a married couple think about gifting your vows in a special way. Here are some creative ideas for incorporating your vows into a gift.

Ornament: Cut the various sentences of your vows into long strips. Using a clear glass ornament, fill the ball with the strips of paper. The ornament will look like it is filled with paper, but upon closer inspection you will be able to see words from your vows.

Canvas or Wood Panel:  Print your vows on a large canvas or wood panel to hang in your house. Through Etsy there are multitudes of ways to have your vows printed. You can select a color, font and style that best matches your personalities.

Pillow or Blanket: Have your wedding vows printed on fabric.  Depending on the size of font and the fabric selected, you can create a blanket or pillow. Contact your local craft store to learn about places that offer fabric printing.

Cuff Links: gift your groom a pair of cuff links with the words from your vows printed on each one. There are a couple of different shops in Etsy that offer this as a gift.